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Dawn Moseke - Web Design & Corporate Identity

Distinctive Event Productions

brand identity. web design & development.

"There Are No Boundaries"

This became my personal mantra while designing the new website for Distinctive Event Productions.

Lewis Medansky has been an event planner in the Phoenix Valley for over 30 years and it was my mission to establish a brand identity for his company by creating a new logo and finally giving him a website that embodies his style and dedication to his craft.

Dawn Moseke - Web Designer & Developer


I'm Dawn Moseke.

Ready to give it a try?

(rhymes with nose-a-key)

Experiences define our existence, and how someone reacts to your organization's website can affect whether or not you garner their business, donation or support.

I design engaging websites.

I design good-looking websites.

I build highly-functioning websites and I do not believe that you should have to sacrifice user-experience for aesthetics.

I am a sponge when it comes to learning new things and programs. Here are some of the programs that I am fluent in:

  • Acrobat
  • Constant Contact
  • Dreamweaver
  • Final Cut Pro
  • Flash
  • Illustrator
  • InDesign
  • Mail Chimp
  • QuickBooks
  • Photoshop
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"Stay hungry, stay foolish"

I love working on new projects and throwing around new ideas! Let me know if you have something fun to work on!

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